The Art of David Rankine




Arathusa Records

David Rankine and Chantal Garneau
 Breathe and Awakening the Heart

About  Breathe and Awakening the Heart                                                                                           track sample

 Breathe and Awakening The Heart are both spoken word/music collaborations by David Rankine and Chantal Garneau. Meditation created by Chantal Garneau and music by David Rankine
  These music/spoken word collaboration will call you to leave the "busy mind" behind and enter a peaceful world of colour and sound.  Perfect for those who already practice Reiki or meditation in their daily lives. Or - the incentive to start giving yourself the gift of some special contemplative time right NOW.
  This music will leave you refreshed, energized and in touch with your own capacity for creative and unlimited possibilities.
 For news on upcoming performances follow this link to the Events Page


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