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What  fantastic evening at the Sharon Temperance Hall in lovely Sharon Ontario!  Anyone who attended was witness to a powerful bending and synthesis of musical modes and forms. Everything from Dave and Tom's " hayloft goofy" presentation of Sally Goodin to the story within a story hip swingin' Persian Trance to Janis' lovely benediction chant Theres' a Light pushed out the perimeter's of musical orthodoxy and let everyone know that " the TRANCE" will tackle any musical style and mode and make it their own
Power driven Dulcimer and thunderous Djembe in Axis of Love contrasted with the bitter-sweet ballads and hymns  ( the Far Sea, The Knot, Golden Halo etc)- all written by band members. This was East meets West! as eastern American Mountain Trad. met Eastern dance grooves and modes right in the heart of East Gwillimbury.  The totally tranced-out Dulcimer and Flute in Ullalume's Return  pushed Boomer buttons with its homage to the Doors.