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Our first recording is in the works. No folks, it ain't vinyl and it ain't 8 track! It is a real live compact disc style thingy with maybe 12 songs and tunes and if y'er good there will be a bonus track or two.

We're calling it  BarnTrance. So grab y'er partners and y'er yoga mats 'cause we'll be trancing ya out at our release concert on June 2, 2012 at Sharon Temple



Tracks that may appear on the CD

all arrangements by Appalachian Trance Project

The Cherry Tree  (Rankine) driving dulcimers!
Oh Death (trad.  arrang. ATP) Traditionally, a spooky a capella lament, this song has been tranced out. with          instrumentation added
Lake Effect (Rankine/McCallen)  a glorious address to a seasonal weather delight!
The Far Sea  ( Pfeiffer/McCallen) so beautiful! This one will make you cry!
Golden Halo  ( Rankine)            a humanist hymn!
The Knot ( Rankine)   mountains,  trees, rivers, sadness, eagles and clouds!
Many Paths ( McCallen/Rankine) longing to get there!
Sally Goodin' (trad. Arrangement Warney) excellent duet by Tom and Dave...all words then banjo/dulcimer freak out...then  words.
Bo-Weevil ( trad- words collected by Lomax and Guthrie  music by the Dulcimaniacs)  a song about the dangers of monoculture farming, debt and a little black bug.
Way over Yonder in the  minor Key (Woody Guthrie) fun fun fun!
Goldfinch (Rankine)  a lovely wee dance groove played on the two stringed Dulcilette
Persian Trance ( Rankine/McCallen) This is the original Duclimerhead tune with words added...a song within a 'tchoon now.
and maybe more including a Hendrix song turned into a hymn