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"Music creates that resonance which vibrates through the whole being, lifting the thought above the denseness of matter - it almost turns matter into spirit. Sound is the force which groups all things from atoms to worlds"        

      -Inayat Khan ( a latter-day Sufi Master and musician)

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                                                                       APPALACHIAN TRANCE PROJECT

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Healing Space


About Arathusa Records

Arathusa Records was established in 2007 to record and promote independent alternative and progressive artists. Initially, Arathusa released an EP ("All That Is" - Feb.2007) by the progressive-rock outfit Dulcimerhead. This was followed by  Dulcimerhead's CD "Gnosis" (June, 2007) and Tara Mae Hillyer's " The Wind's Kisses" ( June 2007)
October 2007 saw the release of Anam Ranaich's "Cries for Cailliach"  Dulcimerhead's 3rd CD  " Dark Mandala" was released  in April 2008. Singer/chant poet Daniela Godina joined Dulcimerhead later that month and a new CD " Western Voyage , Eastern Shore" was performed and released in June of that year.

December 2009 saw the release of a new meditation CD by Dave Rankine and Chantal Garneau " Breathe" and also the re-release of "Awakening the Heart" and also Dave Rankine's solo meditation CD  "Revealed Structure"

The new meditation/sound healing CD by David Rankine Healing Space was  performed live and released at the Spiritfest  Arts and Creativity festival  in April 2011

  Arathusa Record's new act : APPALACHIAN TRANCE PROJECT will be recording their first CD this winter . Release date: spring of  2012


  Arathusa 's recording facilities are known as TEMPLE SOUND in SHARON, Ontario

Arathusa Records offers a complete CD label and sleeve design service (in-house artist) 

along with manufacturing management.

                     Contacting Arathusa Records:   (905) 478-5047

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