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   The best  mandalas are those that you create yourself. Mandalas co-created with another are even more powerful. The Mandala Colouring Book gives you an opportunity to co-create any of the twelve designs with the artist of the original  work. Feedback on the Mandala Colouring Book has been amazing as many people have worked on these images and discovered an incredible healing quality in colouring the images.  click here for more thoughts on the healing qualities of the Mandala

 Where The Sky Touches The Earth

 The Illuminated Letter Colouring Book


    12 healing images - 8.5 x 11"


  26 images, 8.5 x 11"

The Oracle Card Colouring Book

12 designs, 14 pages,  8.5" x 11"

The Mandala Colouring Book

12 designs, 14 pages, 8.5"x 11" for samples click here

This colouring book uses images  from the Arathusa Oracle Card deck- ( issued August 2012) -and may be used in conjunction with the cards.

perhaps the most effective "colouring book as therapeutic tool" to date. The positive feedback on this colouring book pours in, from providing focus to those who suffer from ADD and ADHD to even offsetting the effects of chemo-therapy.


Celtic Colouring Book

                    Celtic Totem Colouring Book

                                  for samples click here
                                            size : 8.5x 11"   14 pages each  -20 images

 Price:  Colouring Books are $ 12 ea


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