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CD released - June 20 2009
 I know, I know, It seems like only a few days since Dark Mandala was released, but we  have released  a new CD  in collaboration with  poet/singer Daniela Godina.
  Initially this CD was created as part of larger project intended to reflect the 1) Norse exploration of Vinland,  and 2) the Norse experience and interaction with other cultures across the globe. But as we have been recording it, I am very aware that this recording is representing a new way of looking at the human experience - a new way of looking at how we interact with ourselves, others and the world around us.
  This is a recording that mirrors the human "meta-culture" - one of shared experience and myth.
  This CD  includes 11  tracks. Six  of the new numbers were recorded and created " off the floor" - in instantaneous acts of creativity- words and melody and rhythm meshing together in a free for all.
  The results are breathtaking! Multi tracked voices hover over top of delicate dulcimer lines, at times jumping out at the listener as if from behind trees and rocks. It is  work that speaks of mystical experiences, long das and weeks on the open sea, the witnessing of elemental forces beyond human comprehension and daring re-definition of male and female energy.
  It is music that is sacred and raw, delicate and soaring, mystical and familiar.


Saturday's CD launch and Spiritfest was nothing but....amazing! These combined events on April 11 at Newmarket's Old Town Hall began with an intention and that intention (of bringing together like minded souls and building a community) created a space into which (in the words of James Dyson MD) "the great potentiality"  entered. It was almost like an in-breaking of  the "what can be " - a whole new paradigm.
As a visual artist I have attended and participated in hundreds of arts and crafts shows but THIS one was the best. There were no rules and the day took on a  fluid hum of coolness and interconnection.
The day's events were capped off with Dulcimerhead's performance of their new CD Dark Mandala. Special guest, chant poet Daniela Godina opened the concert with a set that brought the audience into a sacred space - one co-created by performer and audience alike.
 The transition to Dulcimerhead's performance was seamless with Dulcimerhead joining Daniela on her last piece "Embryo Time". Daniela then read  "Dark Mandala " (from the CD liner notes) and introduced the band who then launched right into Persian Trance and Axis of Love.
   Flute miester Jason Pfeiffer joined us on stage for "Deep Blue Star" (possibly the most beautiful piece of the evening) and returned in the second set for "Thunderheads".  Jason is a master of improv playing and both of these songs took on a new life and went places I never imagined when recording them.
The evening was finished off with a jam (Jason, Dave, Fernando and Daniela) that was the perfect illustration of "open space creativity". All four performers opened space up for each other and the resulting number pulsed and flowed like pure energy, one minute thundering drums, flute and dulcimer, the next gently spoken invitations to engage in the sacred as Daniela took the microphone out to the audience and drew each person inside the sacred space.
10 of the 11 Dark Mandala tracks were performed (exception Shimmering Window which requires a 6 piece band) with another 9 older favourites thrown in, including a totally impromptu "I Can See For Miles" - an appropriate choice as the day's events and the music of Duclimerhead were inspired by the Who's community building project in 1971 (LIFEHOUSE)  from which the glorious album  Who's Next was born. Interestingly enough, Lifehouse was initiated in early April 1971.
To me, as performer and exhibitor, I very much had a sense of being an observer  of something happening on April 11 that has yet no language to describe it -a quantum event - a in-breaking of the true human potentiality, expansive, limitless, engaging, nurturing and very much grounded.
Thanks to all who participated and who attended esp. Liz, Daniela, Alex, John (for the sound) Judy, Pippa, Laura, Erica, Purdy, Jesse, Maddy and all the other shimmering windows
until next time



March 3rd 2009

Fernando's band SKORCHED have released their new EP titled: "The Demon Rises". For those of you who have seen SKorched perform, you will have heard a few of these songs and they are smokin'.

 Check out tracks at


Dulcimerhead News    April 11th is the date for the launch of the  DARK MANDALA CD. click here for location and additional events

BREAKING NEWS!  after the April CD launch, Dulcimerhead will return to the studio to record a CD with a historical connection. This CD's theme is the Norse Experience in Vinland in the late 10th and early 11th centuries. The CD will be performed and presented at the Vinland Re-Creation event- June 19-21 2009.

 Who knows...perhaps a trip to Iceland is in the works!

  CD title:  Western Voyage - Eastern Shore

          music of Vinland

  Click here for more info.


  For Dark Mandala song samples click here:

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