The Art of David Rankine



What does the Sun dream of? What is a mountain's favorite color? What are the mathematics behind a single human thought? This is the enormity of explaining the perfection that is the music of Dulcimerhead...    a fan

"... Weaving through the mystical brilliance of the dulcimer, this is an ensemble that captures the transcendental shimmer of Eastern music, while dabbling in classic rock and traditional folk. Evoking a hypnotic, organic, almost spiritual feel, the result is an epiphany-drenched homage to the past, while painting a portrait of soul-stirring inspiration. "    Lonely Vagabond (commenting on  the Oct 8th performance at  Indie Week 2009)

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Innovative    Progressive     Experimental


  Improvisational playing and a dedication to "open space" creativity has allowed the members of Dulcimerhead to create a seemingly endless string of original songs laden with beautiful melodies and infectious rhythms.
  Dulcimerhead is comprised of Dave Rankine  (Mountain Dulcimer)  and Fernando Villalobos (percussion)
  A willingness to experiment and improvise has brought these three musicians together to create a sound like no other - a pure fusion of rock, folk, Indo-Persian dance metal and jazz.

Audiences are often treated to beautifully improvised numbers (music and lyrics) and no-one can help but be moved by their stirring performances.

 Dave Rankine's love of Indian music, classic rock and progressive rock combined with his years of experience as a bagpiper to create a songwriting and playing style that is hard to define.

Fernando Villalobos is a Speed-Metal drummer (with Lethal Voltage)  whose hand percussion style is fluid and totally unique. His preternatural ability to apply complex  rock multi-rhythms to folk music pieces provides the other half of Dulcimerhead's sound.

This is a band that MUST be seen live as not two performances are ever the same.


Dave and Fernando are both also members of  Appalachian Trance Project .







Western Voyage, Eastern Shore

released:  June 20, 2009
 Arathusa Records ARCD-09

 Dark Mandala
released  April 11,  2009
Arathusa Records ARCD08

 Sacred Sound
released: September 2008
Arathusa Records ARCD05

Revealed Structure

released: October 2008
Arathusa Records ARCD07

Released; June 2007
 Arathusa Records ARCD03

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