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 Geometry of the Mandala
  The geometry of the Mandala quite simply mirrors the geometry of nature and therein lies one of the secrets of its effectiveness. People often ask ,"why are Mandalas so do they work...?"
   At the most basic (and purest level), Mandalas are appealing because we RECOGNIZE them. The designs resonate with us on levels we are not even aware of. Conscious brain activity is only a small percentage of brain activity- most of which takes place sub-consciously.
   The geometry of the mandala is that very same geometry that is found in nature (SACRED GEOMETRY). The "construction matrix" of all energy and matter in nature is a geometric one. Geometric patterns are the shape of sound and also of colour.  Cellular life multiplies geometrically and even DNA is laid out in a geometric pattern. Crystals grow in geometric shapes and one has to only look at any flower head to see the exquisite patterning.
   The geometric patterning of nature is not so easy to see when looking at something like a tree, but it is still there. It is only because we are seeing so much details and so many forms running through each other (and moving too) that we cannot perceive the basic forms.
   Our own bodies contain these geometric patterns and their associated mathematical growth ratios ( phi and pi for example) and when we view the stripped down geometric form of the mandala , we actually see a TRUTH of creation. The perfect patterns resonate with the patterns within our own bodies and minds  and return us to a healed state...balanced and whole. It is as if the perfection of the mandala reforms our own slightly out of balance (diseased) patterns.
  In many ways the Mandala speaks to us- but in a language that is non verbal- one that is barely at the edges of awareness but one which, without doubt, speaks loudly and clearly.

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Healing  Space


a Sri Yantra

The  Sri Yantra is ultimate cosmogram in the Hindu and Buddhist traditions. Composed of nine interlocking triangles, it is believed to be the graphic image of the divine sound OM.  Sri Yantra translates into "Loom of Creation".  It is a design established using the PHI ratio ( 1.618) and reflects the ratios of the ALL THAT IS.

Simply put, the Sri Yantra is a model of  an action.


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Flower mandala pattern

This pattern is created by drawing two circles that overlap through their centre points.The centre of their cross over is used as the centre point for the large circle. The 90 degree angles are produced naturally and the same process is repeated. This is an example of producing a geometric mandala using a ruler and a compass and building it from the inside out (path of evolution)

Hexoganal Mandala

This mandala uses repeated hexagons and hexagrams to create the micro/macro - evolution/involution "pulse" of the mandala. The same can be done using any geometric form as the basic theme. Obviously, some forms like a hexagon or triangles, look more dynamic.

Labyrinth Mandala

This mandala illustrates the involution/evolution flow to and from the centre point - a balanced design that is all about spiral movement.

Plan of Avebury Megalthic site with flower mandala overlay

This was an exercise of mine to see how mandalas reveal themsleves within the ancient megalithic sites of Europe. Notice the square with a circle- aligned with north and the two smaller circles within the square.


This is an example of an India Yantra. Yantras are simpler that Tibbetan mandalas (reknown for their intense detailing). The simple structural geometry of aYantra is very obvious in this example.

Compass Rose

A mandala by any other name...

A mandala is a tool for finding your way- so is a compass rose on a map or navigational chart. Its simplicity reflects that of the Yantra.

Hebrew Mandala

The similarities continue - hexagram within a circle, within a square, within a circle. Worlds within worlds.




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