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There is some evidence that part of the reason Henna application developed in hot climates is because it has a cooling effect and can protect against sunburn. . So great for those summer festivals!! It was mentioned in early Egyptian pharmacoepia as a treatment for skin ailments.
The very act of applying henna to the skin is a process that is healing in itself - to henna artist and client. Elements of trust, touch and conversation come into play as artist and client take part in co-creating a sacred space - a space removed from the distractions of everyday life within which the artist applies symbols which reflect the mood, energy and personality of the client.


HENNA as Healing Interface
The act of application can also serve as the interface during a healing session  using techniques such as Reiki or Geometric Resonance Therapy. In a healing session the actual henna designs are no longer the object or the goal but part of the process of healing. In a paradoxical way, the designs serve as evidence of the process and ALSO as tools of the process. The resulting henna designs are as beautiful as ever and perhaps even more so as the recipient will see them as part of their won healing process.

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