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All these original works are hand painted using Gouache, Acrylic, Gold Leaf and Ink
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Telluric Amplifier

detail of middle

Telluric Amplifier

detail of top

Telluric Amplifier

bottom of 36" high piece

Portals of Grace

This is a true Carpet Page blow-out - a rectilinear mandala containing at the centre a triple vesica piscis , the geometrical representation of the cosmic gateway to Eternity.

Behind all the "chaos" of writhing lines, there is a sound geometric grid - a matrix designed to invoke an altered state.

Portals of Grace - detail

Eye of The Maker

Callanish Monolith

A real East meets West meets Neolithic Megalithic blow-out.

The central portal shows a view of the Callanish standing stones (Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides). This stone circle is 5,000 years old and appearedon some ancient Egyptian maps of the (known) world.

I guess this piece is about historical continuity … don’t you just want to sit in the grass and wait for those stones to start moving?

Carmena Gadelica


This is a real “entranceway” to prayer. It is a visual prayer. It focuses intent, indeed allows clarity to form around intent. Thus, the doorway is opened for intent to be manifested.



This is an image of maya - a Hindu concept which ties together Cause ( creative power) and Effect (the cosmic flux - chaos). It is the energy field we create with our own consciousness.

Morphic Field Resonator

The Word


Illuminated Letter detail

True Healing

Illumintaed letter T


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