The Art of David Rankine                



McCarthy Highland Services  pipe band supply and highland outfitting business in Ottawa 


 Dulcimerhead -Music for Cultural Creatives   (Fan Blog)

  GeorgiaToons  - hilarious cartoons that deal with the strange machinations of everyday life

Everything Chocolate Cafe       
Dulcimerhead's "home away from home"


Timothy Harps                                 Luthier par-excellence -  instrument decoration by Dave Rankine                                                    (Band Site)

CBC Radio3                                                               New Music

The Creative Moment.                             (excellent experiential workshop site)

Canoe Space                         (Band  and great Blog Site)

YouTube                                                                  (Dulcimerhead Videos)                                                               (Fan site)

Reverbnation                                                          Dulcimerhead  (Band Site)

Reverbnation                                                          Awakening the Heart (band site)

MySpace                                                                   (Band Site)   

Marlis Laduree                         Astounding mandala artist and author




Keltic Nations                                                          Dave's ring designs                                                

       Clare Goodwin's Mandala Page                          Excellent Mandala site

Four Seasons of Green                                      Amazing video and life style choice site

David Rankine/ Canoe Space                           Alternative Website

Sidhe Ring                                               Innovative Celt and Neolithic sculture and art


Market Research Company       UK Market Research Company offering qualitative and
                                                                   quantitative market research methods.






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