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A Balancing Act

Morphic Fields

That which IS


"in whom all existing things abide"


Archetypes compass

Pentagonal Matrix

Light Vehicle

Goddess Mandala

That Which Calls Things Into Being

This piece speaks. It is like the image of the Creator seen by Moses inside the burning bush -- “it burns yet it was not consumed.”

The Aramaic word Jehovah or Yaweh means just that -- “that which calls things into being.” A thought or intention -- a word or a sound which, when projected, calls reality into being and draws us towards our true selves.

Fractal Star

This mandala was inspired by a computer-generated “fractal” image named peitgen. Fractal images like this illustrate the order underlying the apparent chaos of systems found in Nature.

The amazing thing is that I observed this very image in a pot of boiling water, spices and oil when I was making couscous one night. – Really!

Chaos has a habit of self-ordering.This mandala was inspired by a computer- generated " fractal" image named peitgen. Fractal images like this illustrate the order underlying the apparent chaos of systems found in Nature.

The Garden

This piece is about relationships. The exterior quote is from the Sufi poet Rumi. The interior passage is a dialogue between partners, self, children, parents and God. The central boss is pure Celto-Hindu-Hendrix blow out


In Hindusim, this is the "great point" - the perfect balance of all and the point from which all of creation is projected and the point to which all returns. The central point - the bindu , is surrounded by a holon - a series of concentric rings of repeated patterns, representing the different layers of perception and reality.


This painting is a snapshot of the ‘hum” (the sustained note of E – the note of God) moments after the Creation. The star mandala at the center represents “that which calls things into being” – Jehovah – the thought or intent which causes distortion to coalesce into clarity and form.

A Host of Seraphim

This portal piece is another 3D mandala. In its heart, its bindu, it contains the cosmos – the omnipresent heart of God - a heart of infinite love, infinite compassion and an infinite ability to hold with innocence.

This image of the “All That Is” is surrounded by lotus petals representing: the Host of Seraphim.


Water patterns and the cycle of Creation dominate this painting. Indeed, the chaos in nature is profound


A portrait of an angel

Lotus Vaternish


This is an image of the Life Force - the never ending pulse of the "field" that holds together all matter, time and energy.


This mandala contains a "double delta" design which represents the perfect balance of male and female principles. Every Mandala acts as a portal and in this one is protected by a cluster of Monarchs


a Mandala with a name taken from a bagpiping term - a combination of note played in rapid succesion over a" ground" of root notes - an excellent model for existence

Blue World






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