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"mandalas - symetrical angels"  Jim Morrison
  Often seen as a graphic design based upon interlocked geometric patterns, a Mandala is really a tool and a model for self-actualized growth. The power of the Mandala is in the doing. They are process oriented  acts of creation and can take many forms - graphic (the ones we are most familiar with), sound (music), thought, movement (dance, walking)  and written word. The act of creativity  is an act of intent. Anything done with intent becomes a mandala. We stand at the centre point and the circle around us is our ever expanding expression of self. They are indeed, as Jim Morrison put it: "symetrical angels" illustrating that we stand at the centre of our own acts of divinity.

  In creating a mandala, we can choose to play with our perceptions of our everyday life, freeing ourselves to reflect on experiences and feelings as though we were looking at the life of some alien. The ability of the humorist to find the strangeness in familiar contexts is also the realm of the creative person. A large part of humour (and mandala creation) is derived from taking the expectations and judgements we weren't aware we had, and exposing them to our awareness.

     Mandala work is not limited or defined by language, which makes it an even more powerful tool for exploring our unknown realms without self-censorship. As we keep changing our angle of observation in the process of drawing more mandalas, this strange life comes into finer focus until we recognize it as our own. An altered perspective also gives the opportunity to see choices or to make changes. This creative act has an empowering and integrative function
   Simply put, the Mandala is just a tool - to be admired for its ability to heal and process but in so doing we must admire own own ability to heal and process. We are the mandala. We create them or allow ourselves to create our own healing instrument - the act of creation is the act of healing.

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