The Art of David Rankine
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                                                                                    A RUSTLE OF WINGS image set

Designed and Illustrated by David Rankine.  There are 45 cards in the deck with one blank (for personalization) Each Card is 5"x 3.5" in size and comes in a printed card sleeve along with a explanatory booklet.

These cards are based upon David's series of short stories titled: "The Warrior's Tale" - a series of stories based upon real life experiences and dreams - a true shamanic inner voyage. David's work with Sacred Geometry and Healing have heavily influenced the design and intention of this fresh new concept

   Introductory Price:  $45




Online readings are available

 $20  for a complete 5 card reading.  

 contact  me - Dave  at (copy and paste this address into your emai)

Great for events - special group rates offered.


Notes on the cards

A typical spread would involve choosing a card from each category to help clarify an issue or determine a direction to be taken. Displayed below is one such spread. The use of three arranged in a triangle implies an overriding action/expansion process.
The cards are untitled (but will be numbered) in order that the user applies as much of themselves as possible to the process. Likewise, the black and white format allows the user space to "colour" them from their own experiences. Or you could actually colour them too!


   discover your secret name             community                                sword  
                 action                                                     element                                                 archetype

           All cards can act as element, action or archetype cards. For example. If the the Sword card appeared in the Action position of the spread, it would be about being active (in that moment) in cutting through an obsolete paradigm or illusion. When in the Archetype position, It represents a broader meaning- -existing in a state of being as the sword of knowledge and light, bringer of new paradigms and destroyer of old.