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"Pop" Johnston


February 17th is Pop Johnston's birthday. Pop, also known as Lockwood A. Johnston, was born in 1879.  My goodness, he'd be 133 this year.

Pop led a square dance orchestra with his four sons in the 1920s and was featured on ABC's  "Hayloft Hoedown" radio program (1944). When Television arrived in the late 1940's  he was a featured regular on ABC TV's Hayloft Hoedown. (ABC 1948). 

The Hayloft Hoedown radio show  was picked up and carried by CBC's Dominion Network (Saturdays at 9:30 pm).

      The following is an article found in  the CBC Program Schedule, dated: Week of October 21. 1945

Venerable Haylofter

Pop Johnston may be no spring chicken, but when it comes to fiddling a jig, he's as spry as the next one. In fact, his fifty year partnership with that fiddle spells experience, the full benefit of which is felt by visitors to Hayloft Hoedown (Dominion network, Saturdays, 9:30 pm.)."


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