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Return To Spirit

a full day experiential workshop in nature

This year's theme:  The Spiral Path Within


                       Inverhuron Provincial Park         click for more images

July 10th, 2013 (limited space left)

 July 13th, 2013

Journey within as you travel the trail system of Inverhuron Provincial Park towards Lake Huron. This day-long workshop utilizes the theme of water as symbol of Self and the days' events involve "a journey" (real and metaphorical) through woodland trails towards the stunning beauty of the lake (the return to Self). Various activities such as journaling, Mandala drawing, labyrinth walking, meditation and music making will occur at chosen points along the route.

                                                                               The Location

Inverhuron Provincial Park has been described as the hidden gem of Ontario's Park system. Situated on the shores of Lake Huron 10 km north of Kincardine, this park contains a diverse range of ecosystems- from a kilometer long sand beach, to Alvar fens, rocky promontories, pebble beaches, sand dunes, cedar and hemlock groves and woodland trails. The park also contains many rare plant species including carnivorous plants (such as Pitcher Plants ) and is also home to up to 200 bird species (including Bald Eagles) and numerous mammals such as deer and rabbits.


A note on the magical qualities of this park

I have often referred to Lake Huron as the "Godmother Lake" and its limitless ability to restore the body and rejuvenate the spirit has been noted by many visitors. Immerse yourself in a Primordial landscape and find your way back to your Spirit. The name Inverhuron - is derived from the Gaelic word (inbhir) for confluence or meeting of the waters- namely that of the Little Sauble River and the waters of the Godmother Lake. The area was named by its original Highland Scots settlers but its Native occupation goes back 6,000 years. The Ojibway term for confluence of the waters is "Saugeen".


 July's Workshop theme will be Harmony - finding harmony within, with others and with Nature.

 Participants will be able to create their own stringed or percussion instruments - using found materials. No previous building or musical skills necessary.


The Water Theme

The Sufi philosophers often speak of finding our true selves as a "remembering" -of who we really are - our truly awesome potential. They also liken our return to Self as a stream running to the Sea. Like water, no matter where we are, we always return to the place we came from - the place where soul and spirit dwell - the one source.

   Car Pooling will be arranged to make the trip to and from the park as easy and enjoyable as possible. Interested? call (905) 478-5047


 the days' events will include

 talisman making
 (meal provided)
Labyrinth construction and walk
sundown dune sitting

 Date:  June 10 or June 13

Price  $150 /person   special rates for 14 and under


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