The Art of David Rankine




For the past 25 years David Rankine has been exploring, through his art music and writing, the nature of Sacredness and Creativity.

He has now extended this exploration of sacred art and sacred sound into the healing modalities developing a healing method which incorporates Reiki, music and sacred geometry


a few notes on Sacred Geometry and how it relates to the human state of being

  Sacred Geometry or the geometry of the Mandala, quite simply mirrors the geometry of nature and therein lies one of the secrets of its effectiveness.
   At the most basic (and purest level), Mandalas are appealing because we RECOGNIZE them. The designs resonate with us on levels we are not even aware of. Conscious brain activity is only a small percentage of brain activity- most of which takes place sub-consciously.
   The geometry of the mandala is that very same geometry that is found in nature (SACRED GEOMETRY). The "construction matrix" of all energy and matter in nature is a geometric one. Geometric patterns are the shape of sound and also of colour.  Cellular life multiplies geometrically and even DNA is laid out in a geometric pattern. Crystals grow in geometric shapes and one has to only look at any flower head to see the exquisite patterning.
   The geometric patterning of nature is not so easy to see when looking at something like a tree, but it is still there. It is only because we are seeing so much details and so many forms running through each other (and moving too) that we cannot perceive the basic forms.
   Our own bodies contain these geometric patterns and their associated mathematical growth ratios ( phi and pi for example) and when we view the stripped down geometric form of the mandala , we actually see a TRUTH of creation. The perfect patterns resonate with the patterns within our own bodies and minds  and return us to a healed state...balanced and whole. It is as if the perfection of the mandala reforms our own slightly out of balance (diseased) patterns.
  In many ways the Mandala speaks to us- but in a language that is non verbal- one that is barely at the edges of awareness but one which, without doubt, speaks loudly and clearly.



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