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Sacred Skin - committing intentional acts of henna henna manual
 Sacred Skin is a 22 page, hand -bound manual that covers henna  design philosophy, preparation, history and application.  This is not just any old henna manual as the material contained within it is drawn from David's  extensive experience as a henna  artist and also from his many years of teaching and writing about the nature of Creativity. What makes this manual stand out is the inclusion of several sections that address design process, creativity, a philosophy of design and also sacred nature of henna application.
price: $15      size: 5.5 x 8.5"   hand bound                                                                        SEE  EXCERPT BELOW

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A Philosophy of Design

Making an applicator


Excerpt From Sacred Skin

Sacred Acts

Respect for the act of creation (the process) is respect for the sacred nature of creativity. Attentive listening to self and client during the process is a sacred act, indeed attentive listening (witnessing) is possibly the most important gift one person can give to another. Attentive listening to words, subtle energies and body language leads to profound acts of intention - the Sacred act of two people co-creating a personal work of art - an experience carried forward by both and a work of art created in mutual respect which will be carried forward by the client on their skin.

The whole experience and process is one of two people exploring the sacred act of creation, having established a sacred space (community of two) and working on a living canvas- the Sacred Skin.


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