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Sacred Geometry
I had the good fortune to attend David Rankine's Workshop on "Drawing the Sri Yantra". Not only did I learn how to draw this very powerful symbol, I also learned a great deal about sacred geometry which this archetypal symbol is based on. As a musician and artist, David has a deep understanding of the interplay between visual symbol and sound. He comprehends the bivalency of the Yantra being both a sacred design and a mantra and this knowledge comes through in his teaching. One of the wonderful surprises for me at the workshop was the strong physical and emotional experience I had while drawing the Sri Yantra. The Sri Yantra workshop has catalyzed my interest in the study of Yantras. I continue to draw Yantras and have found the power of both drawing them and meditating on them quite profound. It was a great gift to have attended David's workshop. It has awoken a new aspect of my spiritual growth. Thank you David.
Catherine Ellis (IAAP) Jungian Analyst


Mandala Workshops:
I have attended Dave's workshops in the past and found them to be profoundly moving. The combination of music... sound, art and spirituality in a completely accepting environment was not only an enjoyable art experience, but a healing one for me as well. I found the facilitation of play in art to be seamless and opened up creative doors in me I did not even know I had. Whether you are an artist or not - I would recommend a workshop with Dave.
Thank you Dave!

“Group art-making experiences combining sounds and colour using mandalas as a structure are powerful yet non-threatening ways to link individuals together,. These workshops have been wildly successful with my classes and we have been able to use them to build performance evenings featuring art, music, drama and dance. Highly recommended for educators and community groups.’

Barbara Rogers,  Educator and artist

 Open Space Creativity
 ...David was brought in to be the key note speaker for this year's art festival kick-off where he broached the topic of Open Space Creativity. He was effectively able to engage approximately 350 students in his talk about creativity and then later an example of this working with 20 student volunteers. David spent the day with us as he led smaller groups of 24 through creativity workshops three times throughout the day.

I definitely would have David back as a guest artist. He was able to totally engage the students and bring out passion and co-operative explorative learning. Students respond well to his methodical yet free flowing approach. He made the concept of interactivity seem natural and attainable. He allowed students to see many connections for their artworks both inside and outside the classroom setting. Many of our students are anxious to work with him again. We would like to have David in again next semester to present a workshop on Mandalas.                 

    Krystyne Caruthers, educator and artist

 Early Medieval Calligraphy and Illuminated Letter Design
His talents as a calligrapher, the use of gold leaf, and knowledge of Medieval history were an integral portion of our unit for Grade 10 art history. The students were given lessons in the art of calligraphy which helped them to understand the dedication and discipline of the medieval scriptoriums. Just recently, David has been instrumental in enlightening the Grade 12 students studying non western art forms. Through his skills as a musician, David engaged the class with the dulcimer then had the students join him with an assortment of other instruments including antique “singing bowls”. His knowledge of Indian/Hindu cultures and the use of henna tattoos were also introduced to the class, making their non western experience exciting, fun, and a valuable learning experience.

It has been my experience working with Mr. Rankine, that his love of learning and the arts are exemplified throughout his visit. The student response has been excellent as these types of activities not only connect to the lesson, but allow them to explore other means of self expression.          

    Kim Cimetta, Educator and Artist