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The Warrior's Tale part one: The Lost Boy

 This the first in series of short  mythic stories centred upon the adventures of  "the Warrior" (he who struggles with himself) .

 In this tale, the Warrior goes looking for a lost boy and instead finds himself.

  In the past, this story has been performed live with a guest reader and backed by the band - Dulcimerhead
  An ideal gift for readers of all ages, written in the timeless language of myth and bardic tale.
Each 24 page, limited edition book is hand-bound and signed by the author.    Price: $12                                                    Arathusa Press
  NEW ! Deck of  divination/oracle cards based upon the Warrior's Tale is available. -please click here for more info
 Click here for an excerpt from the book
 parts  2 -8 of the Warrior's Tale are now being prepared for printing. All parts will be available in one volume.

The Quiet World of the Mandala  by David Rankine


   In Editing stages, this book is an exploration of the nature of Creativity and how we
can access hidden parts of Self through creative acts.  In this book, the author uses the 
Mandala as a metaphor for creative process and illustrates how using such a simple tool
 (the mandala) can open up vast hidden storerooms of creativity, joy and healing.
Arathusa Press

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