The Art of David Rankine


The Healing Space CD

                                                       music for meditation and healing                                             cost: $20

Arathusa Records ARCD-11         playing time: 59:45 minutes     recording artist: David Rankine  all compositions:  David Rankine SOCAN

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About Healing Space

 Healing Space is the latest offering by David Rankine in a series of recordings for meditation and healing. Recorded specifically as a tool for therapist, listener or patient,  it can best be described as music that engages the individual in healing and provides an active sound matrix within which to return to health.

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a personal note:

This is music that has come straight from my soul. Although I was very aware of my intention during the recording of this CD. it was never my intention to sound a certain way or create music that "sounds" like it is from a certain culture or time. My sole intention was to be true to myself- to align myself with my feelings and resonate on that which is true to me.

That being said, it is also music that has been informed by my life experiences and all the music I have been subject to over my life. It cannot help but contain within it elements of many musical traditions and cultures and on this level alone it will engage the listener just as my intention of remaining true to my soul will engage listeners.

I have always believed that any act of self expression -in this case music is not truly born until it has been witnessed by another - not merely heard but witnessed- engaged by the listener.. We live in an interconnected Universe and every expression (and our very being) is in a constant state of co-creation with everyone and everything around us. Lie back, drive your car, play it while you are in a healing session or as you write or create. This is music that has no intention of putting the listener to sleep . It is music that will engage you at multiple levels by the mere fact that that is how it was created and why it was created- to engage myself in an act of co-creation with my soul.

Dave Rankine , Sharon, Ontario May 2013