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 This workshop is a 2-21/2  hour event that takes participants through a design  process in which they will create their own unique patterning. Participants will also learn how to mix  their own henna from the raw materials. and at the end of the event they will be able to take home their own pre-mixed  applicators.
   The process is fun and rewarding and the art of Henna is a great way to gain a new perspective on your own skin - seeing it as living art
For rates: contact Dave at ( 705) 435-9695 or at
   Henna or the art of using  henna (Mendhi) is part of the ancient human tradition of body staining. Traditionally, Henna has been used across South Asia, the Middle East, East Africa and North Africa to mark special events (eg, Marriages), symbolize status or simply for its therapeutic qualities.
   In the last 20 years the art of  Henna has successfully transferred to North America. where it is often seen being practiced at cultural events and festivals.


 The materials
   The henna I use is an all natural mixture of henna (a plant), lemon juice, clove oil and coffee (or tea). No chemical additives are used and the process is totally safe. Because it is all natural, the henna designs, once applied to the skin take up to 24 hours to "cure" and reach their optimum darkness - which ranges from dark brown to dark red, depending on skin type and henna crop that year.
   In the three photos above, left and right photos show the henna newly applied and still wet. The centre photo shows the design  only a few hours after the paste has fallen off. This  design will darken over night.