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   One can only begin to fathom the importance of Luteface -that seminal late 70's folk-rock band that generated a string of soulful songs, rocked Fall Fairs and succeeded (even before Stompin' Tom Connors) of being the first band to be barred (for life) from The CNE Grandstand.
   Luteface's recording career ended before the advent of CD technology, so none of their discography can be found in digital format but there is talk of the group reforming. Last year (fall 2008) the prog-meisters Dulcimerhead recorded a cover of "No Injury, No Blame" (Sacred Sound  - ARATHUSA RECORDS, 2008  and "My Heart is in Dufferin County" (sans vocal tracks) was used for a public service announcement on (CWAV - Bervie ON).
 In a strange "small world" situation in past April (2009), Kim Mitchell (a well known musician and  DJ on Q107) mentioned Dulcimerhead's April 11th performance. At that performance, Dave Rankine of Dulcimerhead introduced "No injury No Blame" and spoke with the audience about Luteface. Of course we were at that event also and we were surprised (and pleased) at the number of people who remembered Luteface.
   So...some of you younger readers may not see the connection. Kim Mitchell's original writing partner in the days of Max Webster was Pie Dubois...who was often mistaken for Pi Valois - lyricist for Luteface. Kim Mitchell was probably not aware of how worlds collided that day, but on Aprill11th, we had a chance to speak with Dave Rankine of Dulcimerhead and he was overjoyed that Kim had made mention of  their event...and in so doing had indirectly referenced Luteface. He said: "wow...I mean it brings all right around...back to the source..."

Indeed! Slowly but surely, public awareness of this amazing act is growing.

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         Benny laying down a tribal beat                 Luteface fans freakin' out at the " Tongues of Kali" Festival 1976



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