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"David Rankine's works are undeniably sublime, they both inspire a spiritual response and spring from it, objects which are meditative yet vibrant, colorful and active"      Nikki Abraham


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 Carpet Pages (named thus because they have the detailing and rectilinear proportions of Persian carpets) and Mandalas are meant to be viewed as meditative tools. By studying them, the viewer is drawn in through the centre of the piece and arrives at the quiet place within them - the place from which life issues and the BIG ALL may be contemplated.
       Along with the Mandala and Carpet Page galleries, I have included a gallery of images titled Birds and Butterflies that, although much smaller in scale than the Carpet Pages and Mandalas, still vibrate with the same energy and message - that of interconnectedness.
  All of my works (including music) carry through the same theme - that acts of creativity are but shimmering portals between what is seen and what is really there, waiting to be revealed, or more correctly, REMEMBERED.

At the Portal " the portal I heard a sound - like that of the rustle of thousands of butterfly wings. A sound barely heard, more like a sensation of touch and thought teasing the edge of my awareness... and a nagging sense that all we see and experience in everyday life is but seen and heard as if through a veil and the truly awesome beauty of all Creation lies just beyond our comprehension. Yet...sometimes we are blessed with a brief glimpse of the rapturous beauty beyond within and without".


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Each of David's original paintings is executed with gouache (an opaque water-color medium) acrylic and 23k gold leaf on matboard. All are matted and framed using acid free materials.


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