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 Meanings and Use of Sacred Geometry

(all of the following ideas result from years of art and music creation and also from teaching and workshop facilitation. None of this information is the result of pure "book learning" but rather information that has been revealed through the time-honoured school of life...tested and synthesized over the space of 26 years)

 Over the years I have often asked myself:  "why do certain structures and forms act as the building blocks of the Universe?. Why a pentagon and not a asymmetrical polygon of five sides? Why a star of David or a snow flake and not a blob?"  The answer lies in a basic underlying principle of the universe - that of TENSEGRITY* and within an understanding of tensegrity is also an understanding of harmony, balance and flow of energy as thought, information, communication  love etc.

Simply put, geometric forms are the forms of harmony and it might be said that for each of us there is complex and also simple geometric hologram of energy.  There is a geometric pattern for each our our relationships - a pattern which in its purest, most harmonious state is best represented by a geometric form which indicates and informs energetic spacing and flow.

When we consciously work in these forms or when  we coincidentally  fall into the shape of it, then we are resonating with similar forms all through the Universe. - forms which are tensegrous.  It is at this point that we are in a state of pure flow - a  balanced state wherein energy seems to amplify rather than remain in a static closed cycle.

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The circle as Potentiality Field**

A two dimensional abstraction  of a singularity-  one system or one person with self at centre with all potential and experience expressed within. It is also a good model for the Universe. Within this model, the edge of consciousness-/reality (as shown as the edge of the circle) is equidistant from the centre which is the source form which ALL emanates.

 The dynamics of the expression of self within the potentiality field is shown a series of concentric rings.

                                                Two systems interacting in a tensegrous manner

The Potentiality Fields of both individual systems or interpenetrate the other as far as their centre points. Both systems retain their integrity and share an area equal to 1/3 of their volume. By only touching their centre points they exist in a tensegrous relationship - neither is dominant, both are equal.

In a conversation for instance, two people approach each other as equals regardless of age, experience etc


 The flow of information between two systems can be shown in an abstract way by the line connecting their centre points. Information flows both ways along this path but the dynamic of the flow is subject to the same forces that create logarithmic spirals (based upon the math of the PHI ratio) thus best being represented as a figure 8 (see below)


Three systems interacting in a tensegorus relationship- each touching the centre point of two others. The central area of their interaction is triangular area with convex sides. This area of synthesis is exponential in nature (A system x B system x C system). Within the dynamic of this relationship - each system is affected by the other two AND also by the interaction of all three. In essence it represents synthesis on two levels, creating four different areas of potential growth and co-creation

The  geometric shape of the  inner interaction - again a tensegrous one utilizing the given space in an equitable way




 The dynamic flow of energy (information) within a three-way interaction as shown by the interlocking figure eights. The abstract model of the interaction is illustrated by the pink equilateral triangle - all sides equal as are all  the angles.


The path of energetic flow, from within one system to the other and back again.


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 *Tensegrity is a term coined by Buckminster Fuller, the American engineer and designer. Tensegrity (tensional integrity)   describes a structure or system which uses the least amount of material/energy for the greatest strength. In other words a tensegrous structure or system is the most efficient system as far as matter/energy investment and the most efficient use of available space. Stress and flow of energy is distributed evenly in a system like this, therefore  for four points or elements of a system will arrange themselves into a square, three elements in to a equilateral triangle and so on. When we use this model in creating  our own relationships (be they energetic or structural) we will build efficient  structures that share stress in a equitable way
** Potentiality Field is an energetic field composed of information, opened (and held open ) through intent. The contained information within the field can be see as potential reality in that an individual can chose to form actions based upon the information at hand.  On a personal level, all that an individual has experienced and expressed, all they are, dream, think about and do is contained in that field as is information arriving from without (exterior world) but always via the screens of an individual's perceptions. A potentiality field is always in process and ever expanding. One might also call it a field of consciousness in that when a person is conscious about information- their own thought process etc , more of the contained information can be arranged at will- thus forming reality. That which exists within the field is in a constant state of synthesis and rearrangement...but as consciousness grows the individual is better able to create new arrangements at will.  DJR 2010 copyright