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Sacred Symbol, Sacred Self
  the mandala as healing modality
  a workshop series in five parts  with David Rankine
  at FTE Natural Choice in Fergus Ontario 
105 Queen W, Fergus, ON N1M 2L4   to register: (519) 787-5256
   Feb 24th,  March 24th, April 14, May 5 and May 30th 2013
1pm - 4pm
   Join s in this hands-on exploration of the power of the Mandala, from personal detail oriented experience to the expansive  archetypal forms and global application
 calligraphy and the mandala
Class One a  basic calligraphy class that will introduce the participant to skills that can be used to amplify a mandala with key words, affirmations and sacred sound.
Feb 24, 2013 We are a literate culture and the written word is very powerful. Calligraphic letterforms act as talismans- imparting a great deal of emotional information via their simple beauty. No previous experience necessary!
  $45.00   all materials and tools provided
mandala geometry
Class Two   using simple methods, participants will learn how to lay out the mandala as portal for encounter with the soul.
March 24, 2013  
  $45.00 all materials and tools provided


mandalas for sacred spaces
Class Three constructing a mandala out of cardboard art paper etc to provide a focus of intent for your sacred space- a piece of art OF you and ABOUT you
April 14, 2013  
  $55.00  all materials and tools provided


Class Four

activating the mandala through sound and movement
May 5, 2013 the application of  mandala forms for healing purpose
  This workshop will explore the forms and applications of graphic, sonic and kinesthetic Mandalas to assist in the healing process
  $45.00  all materials and tools provided

complex mandala forms for healing
Class Five

May 30th, 2013

 learn how to construct three powerful cosmograms - the sri yantra and circle cross (Celtic cross) and womb of creation matrix
  $45.00  all materials and tools provided
Fees: Take all five classes and  pay $ 190.00 ( $45 saving)
to register call:  (519) 787-5256